Cristiano Ronaldo's 53 goals are infinitely close to this year's world football scorer

Far from the center of the stage, it still shines

With Cristiano Ronaldo scoring twice in Riyadh's 5-2 Jeddah United victory, his total goals in 2023 have also reached 53, which surpassed Mbappe and Kane, who scored 52 goals, and temporarily topped the list of world football's goalscorers of the year.

At present, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga have entered a winter break, and neither Mbappe nor Kane can continue to refresh goals. Although the Premier League has not been played, considering the injury situation and physical health, Haaland will most likely not continue to play, let alone compete for such a symbolic honor.

The Saudi league does not stop at the end of the year. Therefore, although there are still a few days left before the end of 2023, Ronaldo's title of Goalscorer of the Year is almost certain.

On the list of world football scorers throughout the year, several strikers who are on par with Ronaldo play in the top five European leagues, and the games they play are heavyweight competitions such as the Premier League, Bundesliga and Champions League, while Ronaldo has won in Riyadh this year, playing most of the games in the Saudi league and the AFC Champions League, and the gold content is greatly reduced.

Despite this, the 38-year-old Ronaldo still set an example for football players around the world. After he joined the Saudi league in January this year, many fans believe that Ronaldo has entered the retirement stage and will slowly fade out of world football.

But the fact is that Ronaldo's joining not only did not bury himself, but set off a wave of European League players joining the Saudi league with his own benchmark. For the game, although Ronaldo also knows that the gold content cannot be compared with the European League, he plays every game quite seriously and still takes it as his responsibility.

Of the 53 goals, 10 were scored by him for the Portuguese national team, and the remaining 43 were scored in major Saudi competitions, a figure that is very dazzling no matter what level of league it is placed in.

Next year, Cristiano Ronaldo will once again challenge for the European Championship title, and maintaining his form is the first priority, rather than sitting on the cold bench at Manchester United before, it is better to go out and practice shooting in the main position. Cristiano Ronaldo, who strode out of Europe, played an important step in his life to a certain extent.

Qilu Evening News reporter Yin Chengjun