Listen to Åberg talk about his thoughts on Jon Rahm's decision in the player above.

A big talking point in the golf world has been about Jon Rahm's decision to join the LIV tour.

Despite the fact that the world star has previously expressed harsh criticism, he chose to sign a contract for the Saudi-funded tour in early December.

"I want the best players to play together," says Swedish success Ludvig Åberg to SVT Sport.

Last year, Åberg revealed that he had turned down a lucrative multi-million bid from the LIV tour. A decision that he stands by today.

"When I look back, I'm super confident in my decision. I will never try to chase money, what I get excited about is competing. I did the right thing," he says.

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See how Jon Rahm went from critic to LIV player. Photo: TT News Agency