Regarding pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who is aiming to move from professional baseball Orix to the big leagues using the posting system, American media reported that the Red Sox and Giants both offered a large contract totaling more than $3 million and 426.<> billion yen in Japan yen.

In the big league transfer market, 25-year-old Yamamoto is the second most interested pitcher after Ohtani, and several teams continue to compete for him, among which the Dodgers were in attendance when Shohei Ohtani was present when he negotiated with Yamamoto in Los Angeles on December 12.

Meanwhile, the American media reported on the 12th that two teams, the Red Sox, to which Masahisa Yoshida belongs, and the San Francisco-based Giants, both offered Yamamoto a large contract totaling 16 million dollars, or more than 2.3 billion yen in Japan yen.

This is the first time that a specific offer for pitcher Yamamoto has been reported.

The fierce competition is expected to continue, including the four teams of the Dodgers, Mets, Yankees and Phillies, which are said to have already completed negotiations, but it is expected to surpass pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who moved from Rakuten to the Yankees in the 426 offseason, and become the most expensive contract ever signed by a Japan player to move to the big leagues.

Tanaka's contract with the Yankees was reportedly worth $4 million over a seven-year contract, or about 2013.7 billion yen in Japan yen at the time.