Tatiana Geiselmann / Photo credit: Jonathan NACKSTRAND / AFP 12:32 p.m., December 17, 2023

This Sunday evening, at 19 p.m., the French women's handball team will face the Norwegians in the final of the World Cup. A match that promises to be difficult, but which could allow Les Bleues to win their third title. One thing is certain, they will be able to count on their supporters, especially in Moselle.

Will Les Bleues win their third handball world championship title? To do so, they will have to beat Norway, who have disillusioned the French several times, notably by depriving them of a world title in 2021. This Sunday evening, at 19 p.m., the Norwegian mountain will once again stand up against Les Bleues, who have not lost a single match since the start of the competition. If the duel promises to be tough, the fans believe in it, like those Europe 1 met in Moselle.

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A handball fan for more than ten years, Réjane is "excited. I'm looking forward to it and I believe in it." The 47-year-old from Moselle has not missed a single match since the start of the competition. For tonight, she is serene, because according to her, all the signs are green. "I'm very superstitious. I really cling to the signs. On December 17, 2017, we were in the final against Norway and we won. So I'm like, five years to the day, that's for sure how it goes. I believe in it."

"I believe in it 200%"

Chloé, president of the Metz handball club's supporters' group, is equally enthusiastic. "I believe in it 200%. There are five Messines in the France team, so I am confident in the ability they will have to mobilize to bring home the victory."

A victory that they intend to celebrate at Green Dogs'Beer, the partner bar in Metz, where they have made an appointment to support Les Bleues. "We hope that there will be many of us to give voice, but there are always about thirty of us, sometimes we arrive with drums... And we have to believe that our voice resonates all the way to the end of Europe because they have won all their games so far. Now we have to win the most important thing: the final."

It was the fifth time that the French had faced the Norwegians in the final of the World Cup.