, Hangzhou, December 12 (Guo Tianqi) On the 17th, the 17 Hangzhou Marathon started at the Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center, which is also the first time that the Hangzhou Marathon has been held in winter. Nearly 2023,20 runners from about 30000 countries and regions gathered in Hangzhou to "run hot" this "coldest Hangzhou horse in history".

It is understood that the event has three events: marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (21.0975 km) and happy run (3.5 km), including 2,1 marathon participants, 2,4000 half marathon participants and <>,<> happy run participants, all of which start from Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center. The end point of the marathon is in Hangzhou Asian Games Village, the end point of the half marathon is in Hangzhou Civic Square, and the end point of the happy run is at the West Lake scenic spot "Pinghu Autumn Moon".

Chinese player Wang Hongwei, who won the first place in the men's group of Malaysia, hit the line at the moment. Photo by Xiao Jian

Founded in 1987, the Hangzhou Marathon is one of the oldest marathons in China, second only to the Beijing Marathon. The route of this year's Hangzhou Marathon covers the West Lake and Qiantang River, two core areas of Hangzhou, passing through scenic spots such as Baobao Mountain, Su Causeway, and Pinghu Qiuyue, as well as new urban landmarks such as Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, and Hangzhou Asian Games Village.

After fierce competition, China's Wang Hongwei won the first place in the men's group with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 03 seconds, and another Chinese player, Su Guoxiong, won the second place with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 07 seconds. In the women's group of Malaysia, China's Xia Yuyu won the first place with a time of 2 hours, 30 minutes and 44 seconds.

Shi Yigong, the image ambassador of the 2023 Hangzhou Marathon and the president of Westlake University, also came to the scene today to participate in the half marathon. He said, "Marathons are something I love and a beautiful thing that I want to do all the time. ”

In order to ensure that the event runs as scheduled, this year's Hangzhou Marathon has a total of 320 referees, 70 official pacemakers, and nearly 5000,<> volunteers from major universities in Zhejiang. These volunteers have undergone general training and professional training, and provide a full range of services such as etiquette reception, competition, and medical aid for the event.

The moment when the runner runs. Photo by Xiao Jian

In terms of medical security, more than 170 medical personnel, nearly 700 medical volunteers, and 300 emergency runners were selected to participate in the medical security of the event. According to the race route, holding time, surrounding environment and hospital distribution, 22 medical points are set up on the track, each medical point is equipped with sufficient thermal blankets, blankets, electric blankets, medical supplies and rescue equipment, and medical stations and medical personnel are added at the starting and finishing points.

In addition, this year's Hangzhou Marathon is equipped with 22 ambulances, 172 mobile AEDs (cardiac defibrillators), one medical observer every 100 meters, and a comprehensive ambulance at the end of the whole race to ensure emergency rescue on the track.

Considering the severe cold weather encountered in this Hangzhou Marathon, the event also prepared 4,13 disposable raincoats, 3,6 pieces of warm babies, <>,<> thermal blankets for runners, volunteers and referees, and provided hot ginger tea for runners at the finish and half of the race. A number of supply stations were also set up along the course, and food supplies such as bananas, energy gels, and salt pills were prepared, so that the participants could get sufficient energy replenishment. (ENDS)

The moment when the contestants and the volunteers of the event high-five. Photo by Xiao Jian