In the women's final of the Skateboarding and Street World Championships, which was held for the first time in Japan, 17-year-old Yumemi Oda won the gold medal and 16-year-old Nishiya Tsubaki won the bronze medal, demonstrating the world's top level of competence at the competition held in Japan country.

The World Skateboarding and Street Championships, held at the Ariake Coliseum in Koto-ku, Tokyo, is one of the international competitions where you can earn points for the world ranking to determine the Paris Olympic team.

In the street, on a course with stairs and rails, you will skate for 1 seconds and perform two "runs" in which you perform multiple moves, and ▽ five "best tricks" in which you compete with one technique,
the total of three times with the highest score in
each is competed.

On the 17th, the final day of the tournament, eight men and eight women competed in the final, and in the women's final, in which five Japan athletes advanced, Oda came out on top by successfully performing a variety of techniques from the speed of the first half of the run, which is not his weakness.

And for the best trick, he scored a high score of 8.5 with a big move called "kickflip フィーble grind", in which he slides the axle part of the rear wheel after turning the board face down on the fourth attempt.

Oda won her first gold medal at the World Championships with a total of 4.94.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Nishiya showed consistent running to win the bronze medal with a total of 80.265, demonstrating the world's top level of ability for Japan at the first World Championships held in Japan.

The other Japan players were Ren Yoshizawa in 75th place, Rinne Akama in 245th place, and Yuna Nakayama in 76th place.