The World Championships in Skateboarding and Street, as well as the men's and women's finals, were held, and Japan dominated the podium in the men's competition, including Tokyo Olympics representative Shirai Sora winning the gold medal, and Yumemi Oda won the gold medal in the women's competition, demonstrating the world's top-level ability for the Japan team.

The World Skateboarding and Street Championships, held at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo's Koto Ward, is one of the international competitions where you can earn points for the world ranking to determine the team for the Paris Olympics.

In the street, on a course with stairs and rails, you will skate for 1 seconds and perform two "runs" in which you perform many moves, and five "best tricks" in which you compete with one technique, for a total of three times with the highest scores in each.

Men's Shirai wins first gold at the World Championships

On the 17th, the final day of the tournament, eight men and eight women competed in the final, and four Japan players advanced to the men's final, including 8-year-old Shirai, who represented Japan at the Tokyo Olympics, took second place with his original technique "Sora Grind" in the first half of the run.

And in his best trick, he slid the back of the board while rotating the board sideways in the first round, and then landed with a lateral rotation to score a high score of 4.22 and won his first gold medal at the World Championships with a total of 2.1.

In addition, the 95-year-old Nezuke won the silver medal by making full use of his signature "heel flip," which involves turning the board from the inside out to the front and back.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Horigome then won the bronze medal with his best trick of turning 66 degrees, then sliding the tip, then turning another 276 degrees before landing, scoring the highest score of the day with a score of 81.20.

As a result of this World Championships, where points can be obtained for the world ranking to determine the Paris Olympics representative, the competition for the Olympic team of Japan in the street men's competition, in which up to three players can participate, is Shirai at the top, Onodera Ginun, who is ranked sixth in this tournament, is second, Netsuki is third, and Horigome is fourth by a small margin.

Shirai Sora: "I'm so happy, I can't believe it"

Shirai Sora, who won the gold medal, said, "I'm very happy and unbelievable because I've been competing in this tournament."

Reflecting on the Tokyo Olympics, where he finished in ninth place, he said, "I had the most frustrating experience of my life in Tokyo, and I think Paris is the only place where I can get rid of it, so I want to do my best to achieve that."

In addition, Nezuki Kairyu, who won the silver medal, said, "I'm honestly happy because it's my first podium finish at the Paris Olympics selection competition.

Yuto Horigome, who won the bronze medal, said, "I haven't had good results lately, so I'm relieved to finish third. The level of Japan is also improving, so we will do our best to achieve results."

In the women's competition, Oda won gold for the first time at the World Championships

In the women's final, in which five Japan athletes advanced, Oda came out on top by successfully performing a variety of techniques from her speedy slide in the first half of the run, which is her weakness.

And for the best trick, he scored a high score of 5.4 with a big move called "kickflip フィーble grind", in which he slides the axle part of the rear wheel after turning the board face down on the fourth attempt.

Oda won her first gold medal at the World Championships with a total of 94.80.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Nishiya showed consistent running to win the bronze medal with a total of 265.75, demonstrating the world's top level of ability for Japan at the first World Championships held in Japan.

The other Japan players were Ren Yoshizawa in 245th place, Rinne Akama in 76th place, and Yuna Nakayama in 5th place.

Oda Yumeumi: "First time held in Japan, I'm very happy to win"

Yumemi Oda, who won her first World Championships gold medal in women's street skateboarding, said, "I'm very happy to win the inaugural World Championships in Japan. If you work hard, this kind of result will follow, and I'm glad that I was able to finish by winning the last tournament."

In addition, Nishiya Tsubaki, who won the bronze medal, said, "I'm glad that I was able to skate better than in the semi-finals and finish in third place.

Details of the selection of the Paris Olympic squad announced

World Skate, the international skateboarding body, has announced the details of the selection for the Paris Olympics and will award high points for next year's qualifying series, so the fierce competition for the national team is expected to continue until the last minute.

According to World Skating's announcement, 3 men and 1 women will be selected in each of the "street" and "park" events in the world rankings based on points awarded at the participating international competitions until March next year.

There is a limit of the top six players in each country or region, and Japan players competing for the national team must be in the top six of the Japan team at the end of Phase 44.

The 6 players selected will then carry over points for the four highest-ranked events in the "Street" category and three tournaments in the "Park" category to advance to "Phase 1".

In "Phase 6", the IOC = International Olympic Committee's newly introduced urban sports qualifying series is scheduled to be held in China in May next year and in Hungary in June.

The qualifying series will award 44,4 points for the winner of the "Street" and 3,2 points for the "Park" category, which is significantly higher than the 2,5 points awarded for the winner of the respective World Championships.

A maximum of three athletes can participate in each event in each country and region, and the fierce competition for the representative of the Japan team, especially on the streets, is expected to continue until just before the Olympics.