China News Service, Seoul, December 12 (Reporter Liu Xu) The 16-2023 ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Seoul will start the second day of competition on the 2024th. China's Gong Li won the bronze medal in the first race of the women's 16m.

On the same day, Gong Li advanced to the Group A final with the first group in the semifinals of the first competition of the women's 1500m, and won the bronze medal in the final with a time of 2:35.984. South Korea's Kim Ji-ri won the event, and Stoddard of the United States finished second.

On December 12, Chinese player Gong Li (first from right) competed in the first time in the women's 16m. Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Xu

In an interview with reporters after the competition, Gong Li said: "I am very happy to get the medal (today), I feel that I have made some progress and learned more experience in the competition. Gong Li will also participate in the semifinals of the second competition in the women's 17m on the 1500th. She said, "There will be more masters in the competition tomorrow, there will be more opportunities to practice, and I hope to achieve good results."

In the other events of the day, the Chinese team advanced to the Group A final by winning the group in the semifinals of the men's 5000m relay, and they will face the Netherlands, South Korea, Italy and Belgium in the final on the 17th.

In the semifinals of the women's 3000m relay, the Chinese team composed of Gong Li, Qu Chunyu, Wang Xinran and Zang Yize ranked second in the group and advanced to the final of Group A.

In the individual event, in the first competition of the men's 1500m, Li Wenlong broke into the final of Group A and finished fourth. South Korea's Park Ji-won won the event.

China's Liu Shaoang entered the men's 1000m Group B final, but eventually withdrew. Canada's Steven Dubois won the event. (ENDS)