The new captain of professional baseball DeNA will be Hidego Maki, who won titles such as the RBI king in the Central League this season.

Maki is 25 years old.

This season, as DeNA's No. 4 hitter, he batted 2.9 with 3 home runs, 29 RBIs and 103 home runs, earning the Central League RBI title and the most hits.

Ahead of next season, which will be his fourth year as a professional, coach Daisuke Miura, who leads the team, asked Maki to become the captain, and Coach Miura said, "I have been watching Maki since his first year, and I thought he was suitable for the captaincy because he stood on the field looking forward without looking down in good times and bad times. We want to move forward together with everyone at the center of Maki."

Maki, who will be appointed as the captain, said, "I thought it was time for me to get older," and added, "I'm anxious, but I have the desire to do it. He was bracing himself for the new season as captain.