After the fatal shooting on the hotel wall, he was questioned by Swiss police for several hours.

"I am deeply sorry for this incident, and strongly apologize to the entire biathlon family, my teammates and the hotel owner for what happened. This is a brutal reminder for me and for all biathletes how important safety procedures really are," Lägreid said in a statement to the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

The IBU withdrew Lägreid from today's start because he did not comply with safety regulations. It was the Norwegian team that informed the IBU about the shooting.

Police are investigating the incident

It was when Lägreid was training with the weapon in the hotel that the shot went off against a wall. No one was injured during the incident. He got the shots in the hotel instead of in the stadium, which is usually the routine. Now the Norwegian team is returning to normal routines.

"It's serious when there's an accidental shooting, which I've experienced three times in 20 years. We have said that from now on they will get ammunition in the stands, says the Norwegian sports director Per Arne Botnan to SVT Sport.

Swiss police are investigating the incident and there may be further penalties for Lägreid.

"The police said that there will probably be no repercussions," Lägreid told NRK.

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Listen to SVT expert Helena Ekholm about the event. Photo: Per Frisell