Home to Sweden and celebrate Christmas or to altitude to prepare for the Tour de Ski. Johanna Hagström does not yet know what will be next on the schedule, as the national team management has not yet announced whether she will be allowed to ride the tour or not.

"It's hard for me to see that I'm not going on the tour, but they seem completely unsure of me. There are others who ski better at a distance, I guess, I don't know, says Hagström to Aftonbladet.


At the competitions before Christmas, Hagström herself has prepared herself to not be in full form, as she recently returned from illness.

"I feel like it's the tour I'm aiming for. I'll be damned if I don't get to go," she says.

The national team manager Anders Byström says the following to SVT Sport about Hagström:

"She hasn't competed that much either. She has been ill and has not shown the capacity she has. We have said that we will announce this evening or tomorrow. But I can understand that she is frustrated and wants to pack her bags and leave.

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Hear Anders Byström talk about his concern for the star Frida Karlsson and her participation in the Tour de Ski. Photo: Marius Simensen / BILDBYRÅN