27-28 was the final score in the bronze match against Denmark. Loss by the smallest possible margin.

"This is worse than losing by ten. It's embarrassing to lose by 10 but mentally it's worse to be so close," said captain Jamina Roberts.

She is self-critical after the match, where she does not feel that she came into her own. She describes her performance as "bad" before being asked to elaborate.

"Not as safe"

"Tyra comes in and does really well and I end up in unfamiliar positions and I'm not as confident there, so I feel like I'm a bit passive," she says.

However, head coach Tomas Axner does not agree that Roberts is doing poorly. He chose to play the captain – despite the most technical fouls of all and two goals on seven shots.

"She's brave and goes all in. She's playing on a margin and that's what she's going to do. She never stops trying and she has a poise that is contagious, he says.