Fleten keeps the yellow leader's vest with a measly score, 540 against 539 in Ski Classics.

"It feels great and it will be a nice Christmas present for her to keep it over Christmas and then I'll take it back," Dahl told SVT Sport.

Immediately after the finish, Dahl ran away with his fine skis, poled his way through the course, to a serviceman to send the pair down to the men's start, where women and men can swap skis with each other.

"It was a damn good pair and worked extremely well yesterday. Then we have to try to get the skis down to the men so that hopefully one of them can try them out, says Dahl about the different manoeuvre after the classic race.

Had Fleten's times to go on

Dahl took advantage of starting three minutes behind Fleten in the individual race over 9.3 km, most of it uphill at high altitude and the finish was at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters. Dahl gradually increased and eventually won by 35 seconds ahead of Fleten.

"It was magnificent," says SVT Sport's commentator Jacob Hård.

"I'm a bit disappointed, but Ida was better. It was tough and I felt the race from yesterday and I like it when it's a little longer," said Fleten, pleased to keep the yellow leader's vest over Christmas.

Once a season, Ski Classics has a shorter race with an individual start.