Karlsson will be replaced by Johanna Hagström in the race, which starts at 13:15 p.m.

– After yesterday's skiathlon, Frida feels that her body is not quite back where she wants it to be to run three tough races in a row. She therefore refrains in order to recover, and create the best starting position for future competitions, says national team coach Andreas Domeij.

National team manager Anders Byström to SVT Sport:

"It's frustrating for her, but she's been sick with Covid and we're going to take that with us as well. It takes quite a long time to come back and it hits quite differently. Therefore, it is better to pause and drive towards the Tour de Ski.

Concerns about the Tour de Ski

How worried are you about the tour considering the form?

"Of course we're worried because it's not really working. Frida won the tour and will really go all in when she goes there, but we have to evaluate it day by day and see how it feels, if she will go on the tour even if the hope is that she will go, Byström continues.

Karlsson finished 14th in yesterday's skiathlon after losing 1.45 on Ebba Andersson on the opening classic part. In the final freestyle section, she lost only five seconds on Andersson.

"I'm still a little worried. It's not really that I recognize myself. I'll have to go home and see and make a plan for the future," Karlsson said after yesterday's race.

CLIP: Frida Karlsson got off to a rough start in Trondheim: "Will be speechless" (December 16, 2023)

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Hear Karlsson explain and see the situation with the pole in the player. Photo: Bildbyrån/SVT