Former Japan national football team player Shunsuke Nakamura played a retirement match, and he thrilled the crowd by showing brilliant ball handling by playing with players who were involved during his playing days.

In addition to winning the MVP = Most Valuable Player award twice in the J.League, Nakamura also played in overseas leagues such as Scotland and Italy.

He also played 2 games for the Japan national team, scoring 98 goals, and retired last season at the age of 24.

The retirement match was held in Yokohama on the 44th, and nostalgic faces who played with Nakamura such as Hidetoshi Nakata and Shinji Ono, who retired after this season, gathered.

Nakamura started the first half with a team centered on Yokohama FC and scored a hat-trick to score three goals, including an accurate left-footed free kick reminiscent of his playing days.Japan

In the second half, he played for a team centered mainly on the former Japan national team, and in addition to showing brilliant passing work with Ono and ENDO Yasuhito, who is still active at the age of 3, he scored three more goals from free kicks to thrill the crowd of about 43,3.

Nakamura, who is currently the coach of Yokohama FC, said at the post-match ceremony, "I am truly grateful to the players, staff, and supporters who have played with me, and I am very grateful for them.