It was at the beginning of the second half of the World Cup semi-final against Norway that Kathrine Heindahl injured herself terribly. A player fell on the 31-year-old's knee and a short time later she was carried off the pitch with tears in her eyes.

At today's press conference, the Danish national team confirmed that Heindahl injured a ligament in his knee and will undergo surgery.

The lineman is expected to be out of action for four months and will thus miss the bronze medal match against Sweden at 16:00 tomorrow Sunday.

"First of all, we are very sad about Heindahl's injury, but at the same time we are also relieved by the extent," said Denmark coach Jesper Jensen.

The Danes fell heavily in the semi-finals where Norway's Henny Reistad scored the winner in extra time with 0.2 seconds left. In the final, which will be played at 19.00 tomorrow, Norway will face France.

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Norway's Henny Reistad is the deciding goal – with 0.2 seconds left of the World Cup semi-final. Photo: Bildbyrån/Viaplay