"Today we assessed the actions of our colleagues from Lausanne, who, with their unconstructive position, continue to split the large Olympic family, posing a threat to its integrity, with which we categorically disagree. We call on our colleagues to disavow their recommendations regarding Russian sports, to restore the full rights of the ROC as a conscientious participant in the Olympic movement and to embark on the path that the creators of the Olympic movement dreamed of," Pozdnyakov said.

On December 8, it became known that the IOC allowed Russians and Belarusians to participate in the Olympics in a neutral status. Those who have qualified in their sports will get to the Games. At the same time, athletes will not be allowed to participate in tournaments in team competitions.

Russian symbols will be banned in any form at official venues and events.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin spoke about the IOC's decision on Russian athletes and the 2024 Olympics.