China News Service Jinan, December 12 (Guoxuan) On the 15th, the 14 National Swimming Championships entered the fifth competition day. In the men's 2023m breaststroke final, Qin Haiyang won the championship with a time of 5:200.2, and thus won three gold medals in the men's breaststroke event of the National Championships. Ye Shiwen won the women's 09m individual medley event.

The men's 200m breaststroke is the last individual event that Qin Haiyang participated in this National Championships. At the World Championships in Fukuoka, Qin Haiyang broke the world record in this event with a time of 2:05.48. He also won gold medals at the World Championships, the Hangzhou Asian Games and the FINA World Cup.

On December 12, in the men's 14-meter breaststroke final of the 2023 National Swimming Championships held in Jinan, Shandong, Qin Haiyang won the championship with a time of 200:2.09. The picture shows the scene of the competition. Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

Mak won silver with a time of 2:12.12, which was the first time that a Hong Kong, China athlete participated in the National Championships. He is also the men's 200m breaststroke champion at this year's World Junior Swimming Championships. Talking about the feeling of competing with the "Frog King" Qin Haiyang in the same pool, Mak Shiting said: "I have to work harder, he is so strong and fast, and it is also the level I want to achieve." ”

In the women's 400m individual medley final, Ye Shiwen won the gold medal with a time of 4:38.58. This is also the last individual event that Ye Shiwen signed up for this championship. In the morning preliminaries, she ranked first with a time of 4:46.91 to advance.

Ye Shiwen said after the final: "Today did not live up to my training some time ago, and I basically practiced to my limit every day. There is a gap between the performance of the first two individual events and expectations, so I hope to make the best use of the early training in the 400 mix. ”

At the London 2012 Olympic Games, 16-year-old Ye Shiwen won gold in the women's 400m medley final, breaking the world record at the time with a time of 4:28.43, which is still the Asian record in the event.

After the London Olympics, Ye Shiwen once fell into a trough, experienced two fades out of the swimming world and two comebacks, at the Hangzhou Asian Games, she won the women's 200m breaststroke gold medal and the 200m individual medley silver medal.

However, for the 400-meter individual medley, Ye Shiwen admitted that this was his "inner demon", and since his second comeback, he has only swam once in the National Swimming Championships in May, when he won bronze with a time of 5:4.43. "On the one hand, I once broke the world record in the Olympic Games, which is more emotional; On the other hand, I have had 'demons' on this project for many years. I am also a character who does not admit defeat, and I have to constantly challenge myself, hoping to completely overcome the 'inner demons' of this project. ”

Talking about next year's plans, Ye Shiwen said that he will mainly prepare for the 200m breaststroke and 200m individual medley, and will also participate in the 400m individual medley event. "I hope to be selected for the Olympics first, and I hope to have more surprises in Paris." (ENDS)