Today's meeting was a follow-up to the more urgent meeting held at the beginning of the summer, after the scandalous derby at Tele2 Arena between AIK and Djurgården where Bengals hailed from the stands.

But the incident at Tele2 is just one of many games this season that have been cancelled due to pyrotechnics, grandstand brawls and other disturbances.

Here's what happened during the May 28 derby chaos:

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SVT Sport goes through the scandal derby, step by step. Photo: Bildbyrån

The announcement after the meeting: to appoint an investigation that will be led by the Swedish Football Association's former General Counsel, Anders Hübinette.

In simple terms, the investigation is about tougher penalties and how the clubs' work can be facilitated when someone violates the rules of conduct (see fact box).

"Shall we let football's gravediggers..."

It is due to be completed in March 2025.

– It is important that the clubs for the coming season use the tools that already exist regarding organizer suspensions. That you ask the question: should we let football's gravediggers continue to ruin our matches? Or should we do everything we can to stop this?" says Jakob Forssmed.

The meeting was also attended by Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer (M), the league organization Swedish Professional Football Leagues, the Swedish Sports Confederation, the Swedish Football Supporters' Union and Stockholm Live.

That means the investigation – hear more from Jakob Forssmed in the player above!

After the scandalous scenes in the Allsvenskan derby

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