Sweden is so far undefeated in the World Cup and with a win against Montenegro on Monday evening, the group win is secured. But even so, it could be a nightmare opponent already in the quarter-finals.

"Will do our job"

Denmark and Germany will fight for the group victory in a crucial match, and if Germany scores, they will win the group and Sweden will thus face Denmark. A national team they have not beaten in a championship context since 2017.

"Since we're playing at the same time, there's not much we can do, but it's not certain that we would have done it anyway. But I think Denmark will beat Germany and then we will do our job as well, says Jamina Roberts.

Won't bet on results

Sweden's match against Montenegro starts at the same time as the one between Denmark and Germany, which means that Blågult cannot control which team they will meet in the quarterfinals.

"I'm focused on what we can do and I don't think that's folding in the oars and betting on any result," says Tomas Axnér, and then adds:

"Do you even want to open that door?

The match between Sweden and Montenegro kicks off at 20:30 and will be broadcast on Viaplay. After that, Blågult will play the quarterfinals on Wednesday in Danish Herning.