On the 10th, one day after the announcement of Shohei Ohtani's transfer to the Major League Baseball Dodgers, the local newspaper in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers are based, as well as the New York Times, covered Ohtani's contract with surprise.

Ohtani, who became an FA = free agent from the Angels this off-season, announced on his SNS on the 9th that he would sign with the Dodgers.

The 10-year, $7 million, or 1015.7 billion yen Japan yen, will be the most expensive contract in the history of professional sports, according to American media.

One night after the announcement, in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers are based, the Los Angeles Times, a local newspaper, reported on the front page that "Ohtani chose the Dodgers for the next chapter," and on the sports side, a photo of Ohtani wearing a Dodgers uniform was immediately posted on the front page.

Also, in New York, which is far away from Los Angeles, the New York Times, a leading newspaper, and the New York Post, a tabloid newspaper, published a large photo of Ohtani, and the contract worth a total of <> million dollars was reported with surprise.

The Dodgers have yet to make an official announcement, but catcher Will Smith appeared on a radio show on MLB Network, which is run by Major League Baseball and other organizations, and said of Ohtani's arrival, "It's really exciting to have a chance to make the team stronger. He is arguably the best player in the world and the team is definitely stronger than it was yesterday. I'm really looking forward to playing with them and I'm sure the rest of my teammates will be the same."

The U.S. media is reporting that Ohtani's induction press conference may be held as early as the middle of this week.

Ohtani leaves Angels panel removed

On the other hand, at Angel Stadium, the home of the Angels, where Ohtani left the team, the photo panel of Ohtani that was hung on the ballpark was removed.

On the 10th, one day after the announcement, Ohtani's photo had already been changed to the Angels team logo, and visiting fans could be seen taking pictures with a lonely look.

A female fan from Aichi Prefecture said with a wry smile, "I wanted to see it before I went to the Dodgers, but I was shocked to hear that it was changed three hours after yesterday's announcement.