, Hangzhou, December 12 (Zhang Yuhuan) On the 11th, the 13 World Women's Volleyball Club Championship (hereinafter referred to as the Women's Volleyball Club World Cup) will start in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. This is the first time in 2023 years that this international top event has landed in Zhejiang, and it is also the first women's volleyball international event hosted by Zhejiang after the Hangzhou Asian Games, and there will be 4 strong world-class teams participating. Among them, two giant teams from Turkey will stage a "double hero" meeting, and the other teams will also "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", with a number of outstanding players, and a tense and fierce on-site confrontation will bring an excellent viewing experience to the audience.

In the final of the 2018 Women's Volleyball Club World Cup, Turkey's Vakifer Bank defeated Brazil's Minas to win the championship. (Data map) photo by Wang Gang

In this competition, the two giant teams from Turkey, the Wakifu Bank women's volleyball team and the Isaqibashi women's volleyball team, will continue to compete in the Women's Volleyball Club World Cup for many years. The two teams, which have many volleyball superstars, have also set the goal of this trip to Hangzhou as the championship trophy of this competition.

Among them, as the best main attack of last year's Women's Volleyball Club World Cup, Gabby, the captain of the women's volleyball team of Wakifu Bank, will also continue to lead the team this year. It is understood that Gabi is a distinctive main offensive player, his fast jumping speed, long time in the air, and at the same time the back row technology is very good, can receive six rounds of one pass and undertake a large number of defensive tasks, many times led the club and the national team to achieve overtaking at the moment of backwardness, reflecting a strong psychological quality. She has won the Champions League Women's Volleyball MVP (Most Valuable Player) and the Women's Volleyball Club World Cup Best Attacker and other honors.

The strength of the Wakif Bank women's volleyball team's "old rival" Isaqibashi women's volleyball team should not be underestimated. Boskovic has been the team's star for many years, a two-time Olympic medalist and back-to-back World Championship MVP (Most Valuable Player) award.

In addition to the "strong dialogue" between the two Turkish teams, there are also excellent players in other teams who have the ability to change the trend of the game.

Taisa plays for the Brazilian Minas women's volleyball team, is the main secondary attack of the golden generation of the Brazilian women's volleyball team, participated in three Olympic Games, and won two Olympic championships in Beijing and London with her teammates. Although Taisa is 36 years old, he can still score actively on the court thanks to his strong physical fitness and volleyball skills.

Another team from Brazil, the Brazilian beach women's volleyball team, has been playing against the Brazilian Minas women's volleyball team for decades, and the results of the game have been won and lost. It is worth mentioning that this year, the Brazilian beach women's volleyball team hired Rabadjieva, a foreign aid from Bulgaria, who has played for Chinese clubs for many years. Asian team Vietnam Sports Center qualified for the first time in the Women's Club World Cup with its outstanding performance in the Women's Volleyball Asian Club Cup last year.

The Tianjin Bohai Bank women's volleyball team, which is fighting at the "doorstep", has national team players such as Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue, and Wang Yuanyuan, and superstar Vargas, who won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of this year's World Women's Volleyball League. It is reported that the goal of the Tianjin Bohai Bank women's volleyball team is to "strive to advance to a higher goal", and the players look forward to more support from volleyball fans in this trip to Hangzhou and strive for better results. (ENDS)