Dean Genki, who is aiming to participate in next year's Paris Olympics in the men's javelin throw, opened his winter training and expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I want to enjoy the process, so that I can throw as much as I can on the Olympic stage."

The 31-year-old Dean had a strong season, winning his second consecutive title at the Japan Championships in June and winning the bronze medal at the Asian Games in October with a mark of 6.2 meters.

On the 10th, the team held a winter training session in Tokyo for the upcoming season ahead of the Paris Olympics, and worked out for about an hour and a half while actually throwing javelins while checking their legs and form.

In practice, in order to convey the momentum of the run to the spear without waste, I was conscious of moving my right foot more quickly just before the step, so I made small corrections while watching the video.

Dean competed in the 82 London Olympics but missed the national team due to repeated injuries in the last two Games, and said, "I was able to maintain a high average distance average, and I definitely want to peak at the Paris Games next year. I want to enjoy the process so that I can throw as much as I can on the Olympic stage."

Dean will move to Finland at the beginning of the year and will continue to train in earnest for the season that starts in the spring.