In 2019, the Swedish Ski Association announced that the then 20-year-old Frida Karlsson did not live up to the health requirements and was stopped from all competition.

During the autumn, the American cross-country skier Jessie Diggins announced that she had a relapse of her eating disorder this summer, and Charlotte Kalla talks in her newly released book about how she compared herself in terms of weight with her competitor Therese Johaug during her career.

"I think it has a lot to do with the personalities. Often as an elite athlete, you are very ambitious. When "ambitious" turns into a perhaps manic behavior – then I think you can end up in that problem, says Frida Karlsson in SVT's new series "Kallprat".

"I've learned a lot about myself"

Karlsson says that she is doing well today.

"I feel confident in the knowledge I have from training, diet and recovery. The whole puzzle of life really.

Frida Karlsson, who is the first to appear in SVT's new program series "Cold talk", also talks about the nickname "Frida fast and wrong" – and the dramatic pictures from the finish line in Tour de Ski where she collapsed.

Watch the first episode of Kallprat on SVT Play.

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Hear cross-country star Frida Karlsson's answers to short questions – does she miss Russian skiers in the World Cup? Photo: SVT