Chinese football pressed the reset button

Get in the right position and look forward to support

2023 is about to pass, and the Chinese men's football team will also embark on the journey of the Qatar Asian Cup next month. Whether it can hand over a satisfactory answer sheet and whether it can reach the top 8 of the last Asian Cup again is a question mark for the current team. Just like the current Chinese football, it is far from getting out of its own low period.

Looking back on the upcoming 2023, there is a word that may be very appropriate for Chinese football, and that is "self-help". Whether it is the resumption of home and away games in the Chinese Super League, the return of U-shaped teams at all levels to major Asian football competitions, or the re-election of the Chinese Football Association, everyone is doing their part to pull Chinese football out of the trough. Although the effect and results are far from gratifying, the efforts of Chinese football people are finally seen by everyone.

With 240 goals in 666 games and an average of about 2,<> spectators per game, for the resumption of the home-and-away system of the Chinese Super League, it is indeed less perfunctory than the "victory after the game" in previous seasons, and this is also an important step for Chinese football to save itself.

After 3 years, the Chinese Super League has returned to the home-and-away format, and the positive effect it has brought to the league is self-evident. Statistics show that the overall attendance rate of the Chinese Super League this season is about 2,52500 per game. In addition, a number of professional courses have been put into use, which has also created a number of hot ball markets. Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other home stadiums are often hard to find. Among them, the Beijing Guoan team moved into the new Gongti in the new season, and the audience for the home match against Shanghai Shenhua reached <>,<>, setting a record for the season.

Of course, in terms of quality, there are still many unsatisfactory aspects of the league. There are few bright newcomers, the polarization of results is still serious, and there are still teams with salary arrears... For Chinese football, which is in turmoil, these are unavoidable problems.

On the evening of November 2023, 11, after losing 21-36 at home to South Korea in the second round of the World Preliminary Round of 0, the Chinese men's football team also officially ended all the matches in the Asian Round of 3 of this year's World Preliminary Championship. Having won a crucial away game against Thailand, there was no surprise that they lost to South Korea, and while the national football team gained the confidence they should have against weak teams, it also showed the fact that the gap between them and the Asian powerhouses is still gradually widening.

Since losing to Vietnam in the last World Preliminary Tournament, the Chinese men's football team and even the entire national team have begun to encounter the problem of being weak or not strong. Frequently losing to teams with lower FIFA rankings than themselves, playing strong teams is even more powerless, and the national football team has become the target of public criticism.

And self-help starts with playing against a weak team. In the first game of the World Preliminary Tournament against the Thai team, the national football team let go of their hands and feet to fight when they were behind, and finally succeeded in reversing 2-1 to get the key 3 points, and this victory also allowed the whole team to finally regain their confidence. Of course, behind the self-confidence still needs strength support, and the rout in the face of the South Korean team once again proves the fact that the overall strength of the national football team has declined, and this requires the national football team to make up for it with hard work and <>% efforts.

Also saving itself is the Chinese Football Association. On October 10, the new Chinese Football Association Congress was held in Beijing, and the new leadership team was officially unveiled. The reopening of the Chinese Football Association is a key step in the reconstruction of Chinese football. In addition to the fact that many officials were involved in the anti-corruption case, the Football Association itself was faced with the problem of rebuilding the organizational framework, and they must also take correct measures in the face of the crisis of the domestic professional league after the ebb of the gold yuan, the lack of talents of the national teams, and the overall level of youth football has not been improved.

Bidding farewell to 2023, Chinese football is looking forward to recovery in self-help, and this road to recovery is destined to be long and difficult.

Beijing Evening News reporter Li Li