Changsha, December 12 (Zhou Pei) On the 11th, the 10 Changsha (Winter) Walking Baby Children's Walking Contest kicked off in Malanshan Yazui Park. 2023,4800 people ran on the banks of the Liuyang River and the Xiangjiang River, challenging to hike 12 kilometers.

4800,12 people challenged to hike <> kilometers. Photo by Zhou Pei

This event is one of the series of activities of the 11th National Fitness Festival in Changsha, with the theme of "Running with the River", allowing children to have close contact with the Mother River through outdoor sports.

Wu Weihui, member of the party group and deputy director of the Changsha Sports Bureau and secretary of the Party Committee of the Sports Association, said in his speech that the Walking Baby Children's Walking Competition is a resounding sports business card in Changsha. This event is an innovative move of Changsha's "integration of sports and health", "integration of sports and education" and "integration of sports and tourism", and it is also a demonstration of the achievements of national fitness into the family.

The participants are children aged 5 to 13 and their guardians, and it is a hiking or running activity with children as the main body and families as the unit. Olympic champions Yang Xia and Long Qingquan each accompanied their babies to the competition. According to the data, the source of the contestants in this event is mainly from six districts and one county in Changsha, accounting for more than 95%. In addition, there are also contestants from Yiyang, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, Loudi, Chenzhou, Shaoyang, Huaihua and other places.

The starting point of this activity is Malanshan Yazui Park, and the end point is Fengfan Square, and the contestants will walk along the Liuyang River and Xiangjiang River scenery belt, passing through the Binjiang Cultural Park, with a total distance of 12 kilometers.

At the end of the event, a "Xiangye" experience class was set up, with on-site performances by intangible cultural heritage inheritors and on-site production, tasting, and exhibition of intangible cultural heritage food. The interactive activity of "Reciting Poems and Giving Books" was carried out, and as long as the contestants who participated in the activity could recite "Qinyuan Spring, Changsha" on the spot, they could receive a literary book donated by Yuelu Publishing House.

In addition, in order to fully promote the creation of a national anti-drug demonstration city, the Office of the Changsha Municipal Anti-drug Committee and the Municipal Social Anti-Drug Association also joined hands with the Organizing Committee to carry out the "Sunshine Youth Hand in Hand Anti-Drug" anti-drug publicity and education activities, aiming to promote the concept of "healthy life, green and drug-free" into the family, cultivate a group of "baby soldiers" volunteers who participate in anti-drug propaganda, and make the social atmosphere of "everyone knows drugs, everyone rejects drugs, and everyone prohibits drugs" more and more. (ENDS)