LeBron James was the best soda for the NBA's experiment, the first Cup in its history, a success thanks to the King, already forever in the germ of this new competition still in the adjustment phase. On the verge of his 39th birthday, honoring his legendary career, he led the Lakers to the first In-Season Tournament in Las Vegas, one more notch in basketball's most successful franchise.

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In-Season Tournament or the new and strange European Cup that begins in the NBA

  • Written by: LUCAS SÁEZ-BRAVO

In-Season Tournament or the new and strange European Cup that begins in the NBA

In the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, on the colorful parquet of T-Mobile Arena, LeBron completed the great path of the Angelenos in this new tournament, strange for American players and fans, a European Cup in the middle of the season, but so different. The Lakers defeated the Pacers (123-109), with an exhibition by Anthony Davis (41 points, 20 rebounds, five assists, four blocks...), MVP of the finals, accompanied by the titanic effort of James (24 points, 11 rebounds...), MVP of the tournament. They dried up Indiana's mighty attack and their star Haliburton. And without the need for the perimeter, they put the finishing touch to an immaculate In-Season Tournamente for them: seven wins and no losses.

LeBron wanted to give the event historical context. He praised his teammate Davis, whom he compared to the Shaquille O'Neal of the three-peat and assured that the effort was for the young people of the team -it should not be forgotten that in the eagerness to give importance to the tournament the NBA awards half a million dollars to each player of the champion and 200,000 to the finalists...-, as well as Lakers fans.

The NBA's successful trial, however, leaves many questions unanswered. And Adam Silver himself appeared in Las Vegas to admit that they are still "learning" and conclude that in the next editions "there will be changes". "Overall, we're delighted with the interest we've seen so far this season, but I know it's not without its challenges. People are probably tired of hearing the word "tweak." So we'll find another synonym for that," the league commissioner explained. Those adjustments have to do mostly with sports, with the "point difference" as a yardstick for the playoffs and with the schedule, since those In-Season Tournament games are part of and count towards the regular season.

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