Chengdu, December 12 (He Shaoqing, Zhu Huan) "In the past week, the 10 Chengdu ITTF Mixed Team World Cup (referred to as the 'Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup') confirmed to us that it is a great success and has opened a 'new era' of table tennis for us. ITTF President Petra Sorin said in Chengdu on the 2023th that the Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup mainly promotes gender equality, and the ITTF is very much looking forward to further cooperation with the Chinese Table Tennis Association in the future.

It is understood that the ITTF World Cup is the top international table tennis event, and it is called the "world's three major events" in table tennis together with the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships. The Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup is an innovation in the World Cup tournament system, which combines men's and women's team events, with men and women combined on the same team.

The Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup kicked off on the evening of the 10th, and the Chinese team competed for the championship with the South Korean team, which also maintained an undefeated record in this event. At the press conference before the start of the competition, Petra Sorin was interviewed by the media with ITTF CEO Steve Denton, and Liu Guoliang, the first vice president of the ITTF and president of the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

The scene of the press conference. I wish you all the best

Petra Sorin said that in the next two years, the ITTF and the ITTF Foundation have made gender equality and diversity a theme for their development, and hopes that the format of the Mixed Team World Cup will bring real changes to gender equality and improve the sports situation of female athletes.

"When we were doing research on the new format, we took into account the participation and integration of fans, so the new format left more food for everyone to think about." Liu Guoliang said that the quality of the event depends to a large extent on the enthusiasm and popularity of everyone watching the game. "And this time, Chengdu's hard to find tickets also reflects everyone's support for the table tennis project."

ITTF CEO Steve Denton revealed that the ITTF Men's World Cup and the ITTF Women's World Cup will restart in Macau, China in 2024. "The World Cup is back now and it's going to be even better and bigger in the future, so we're really looking forward to it." (ENDS)