China News Service Chengdu, December 12 (He Shaoqing, Zhu Huan) The 9 Chengdu ITTF Mixed Team World Cup will stage a "focus battle" on the evening of the 2023th. The Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 9:8 and won eight consecutive victories.

The tournament attracted 18 teams from all over the world. The tournament adopts a best-of-15 system, of which each individual game adopts a three-game system, and the team that accumulates 8 rounds of wins first wins wins the game.

This Sino-Japanese showdown was very stalemate from the beginning. In the mixed doubles competition, the Chinese team Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha lost 1:2 to the Japanese team Hayasuke Togami and Zhang Benmeihe, which was also the first defeat of Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha in the Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup. In the women's singles match, Wang Manyu of the Chinese team beat the Japanese team Hina Hayada and helped the Chinese team overtake the score 4:2. In the men's singles match, the Chinese team Fan Zhendong lost to the Japanese team Tomokazu Zhang 1:2, and the difference between the Chinese team and the Japanese team narrowed to 5:4.

In the women's doubles match, Japan's Miwa Zhangmoto and Miyu Kihara won one game first, bringing the total score to 5:5. Then the Chinese team Chen Meng and Wang Manyu combined to chase two games in a row, allowing the Chinese team to lead the Japanese team 7:5. In the final men's doubles match, the Chinese team Ma Long and Wang Chuqin defeated the Japanese team Sho Sone and Hayasuke Togami to help the Chinese team seal the victory.

"The opponent is a very strong team, and every player is also very strong, and I enjoy it very much in the strong confrontation." After the game, Wang Manyu said that the scores in this Sino-Japanese duel rose alternately, which made her feel very "burning".

Sun Yingsha said that she didn't handle it very well in the third game today, and some of the balls that should be scored were a little conservative, and she would summarize the game with her teammates and strive to play better and better.

At present, only the Chinese team and the South Korean team have maintained a winning record in the Chengdu Mixed Team World Cup. (ENDS)