The Women's Floorball World Championship is currently underway in Singapore. And now it is clear that there will be even more floorball on SVT in the future.

The new agreement, which has been concluded between SVT and the floorball federation, will enter into force in 2024 with the men's World Championships in Malmö. SVT will then show the women's World Cup 2025 and the men's World Cup 2026.

"Our investment in the World Floorball Championships has been much appreciated by the audience, so we are happy to be able to continue for another three years," says SVT's sports director Max Bursell.

"We would like to broadcast when Swedish national teams and athletes compete for medals in international championships, and we also see that floorball is a little extra popular with the younger audience. The home tournament in Malmö in 2024 will be a great start to the new contract period.

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Photo: SVT