See the pictures from the sprint final in the player above.

Rosie Brennan was just over a second from the podium in the classic sprint final in Östersund. A position that might have been better if the Swedish leader Lars Öberg had not been in the way in the track.

"There was a coach who stood on my track. That is unacceptable. So if you're on the track, you're ruining the race. It sucks," she says.

The national team manager Anders Byström says to SVT Sport that he has not seen the pictures yet.

"You have to apologize for that, of course the person who did it is responsible for that, when you coach you want it to go well for your own. You scream and run, but you have to be careful not to disturb anyone who is competing, says Byström.

Emma Ribom won the final ahead of Kristine Stavås Skistad and Linn Svahn.