Watch Omark's outburst in the player above.

Luleå collapsed at home against Linköping. 2–1 became 2–5 and in the third period it was all over for Linus Omark.

With the score 2–3, he went down in a duel with Linköping's Arvid Aronsson.

Omark wanted a penalty, but he didn't get it. Instead, the home team countered with 4–2 in an open net.

"A lot of emotions"

Omark was visibly angry afterwards and threw an outburst on the bench.

"There was a lot of emotion and two good teams fighting every millimetre. It's great to have this crowd behind us and Saturday in Linköping is usually rock'n'roll, says Linköping's coach Klas Östman in TV4 Play.

The result means that Linköping is third in the SHL. Luleå is down to seventh place.

Now awaits the national team break in the SHL.