, December 12 -- On the 9th, the 9-2023 ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup Beijing Station continued. In the men's 24m Group A final, the two Chinese players in the leading position, Liu Shaoang and Lin Xiaojun, collided unexpectedly. In the end, Lin Xiaojun was sentenced to a foul, Liu Shaoang ranked fourth, and the two missed the podium.

Photo by Cheng Jiangtian

In this final, Liu Shaoang took the lead after the start, followed by Lin Xiaojun. The accident occurred at a corner, Lin Xiaojun wanted to achieve overtaking through the inside road, and the skates of the two rubbed at this time, and the subsequent physical contact made Lin Xiaojun withdraw from the competition early.

Liu Shaoang stumbled a few steps and regained his center of gravity, and finally finished fourth with a time of 41.601 seconds.

The picture shows the picture at the time of the collision taken by Cheng Jiangtian

This incident has attracted widespread attention from netizens, and Liu Shaoang also responded after the game. He said it was normal and that "things happen [in a game] [collisions] like that. Then there was the mixed team 2000m relay, and now forget about it. According to Liu Shaoang, Lin Xiaojun apologized to him after the game.

Although there were accidents, Lin Xiaojun's mentality was not affected too much. Soon after, he represented the Chinese team in the mixed team 2000m relay final, helping the team win the second place. In the men's 5000m relay semifinals, the Chinese team composed of Lin Xiaojun, Li Wenlong, Sun Long and Ren Ziwei won the first place in the group with a time of 7:40.495 and advanced to the final of Group A.

The picture shows Liu Shaoang being interviewed. Photo by Cheng Jiangtian

As Liu Shaoang said, there are suddenness, randomness and chance in short track events, and any accidents in the competition cannot be predicted in advance, and collisions also occur from time to time.

In the past two short track speed skating World Cups, the Chinese team has gained a lot in the relay event, which is enough to show that the current team is very united. According to the schedule, the second group of the men's 10-meter final and the men's 500-meter relay final will be held on the 5000th. (ENDS)