Chongli, December 12 (Liu Xingchen) On the 9th, the 9-2023 FIS Halfpipe World Cup Genting Station continued at the Chongli Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou. In the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe final, Beijing Winter Olympics champion Gu Ailing scored 24.94 points and successfully won the championship. This is Gu Ailing's first appearance in the domestic arena after the Beijing Winter Olympics, and she repaid the audience with a gold medal.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the freestyle skiing halfpipe at this venue, and this time she returned to Fudi to compete. In both the qualifying round and the final, Gu Ailing showed excellent form.

The picture shows Gu Ailing being interviewed. Photo by Liu Xingchen

In the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe qualification on the 7th, Gu Ailing scored 94.75 points, ranked first and successfully advanced.

In this final, Gu Ailing scored 90.25 points on the first jump, ranking first among all players. In the second round, she successfully challenged a more difficult move, scoring 94.25 points, and finally won the championship with this result.

After the game, talking about the difficult movements shown in the game, Gu Ailing said that she wanted to give a better performance to the audience, "There are so many people cheering for me at the scene, I have to show a wonderful performance." ”

Summing up her performance, Gu Ailing said confidently: "I don't have confidence in myself, others can't have confidence in me, I must challenge myself." My biggest wish is to give a show to everyone. ”

Gu Ailing is playing in this World Cup with an injury. While training in Austria at the end of last month, she accidentally broke her shoulder. The doctor had advised Gu Ailing to undergo surgery, but in order to participate in the World Cup, Gu Ailing decided to postpone the operation.

The picture shows Gu Ailing being interviewed. Photo by Liu Xingchen

In an interview after winning the championship, Gu Ailing also talked about her shoulder injury. She said she would continue to play in the next World Cup and then evaluate whether to have surgery.

It is worth mentioning that during this World Cup competition, it coincided with Gu Ailing preparing for the final exams of school. So in the past, she had to switch between exams and competitions frequently.

"I just handed in a final paper this morning, and I have to hand it in tomorrow, and I have an exam the day after tomorrow." Gu Ailing said with a smile. The day before the finals, she was preparing her final paper early in the morning and wrote it for 12 hours.

Talking about the relationship between training and competition, Gu Ailing said frankly that she needs to focus on everything well. "When you're skiing, you don't think about anything else, and it's the same when you're learning Xi."

The picture shows Gu Ailing being interviewed. Photo by Liu Xingchen

In an interview, Gu Ailing explained the choice of different moves in past matches. She said that the new moves are a challenge for the contestants, "I judge if the new moves are safe, and if they are safe, I will try them, and I choose each move because I feel that I can do it." ”

At the scene of this competition, many spectators held support objects in the end area to cheer for Gu Ailing. For this, Gu Ailing is grateful. She also hopes to bring more people to participate in ice and snow sports, "Let ice and snow sports become a bridge, and we will cheer together." (ENDS)