On December 2-7, the Premier League has a campaign where the idea is that all team captains should wear rainbow armbands – something that has been going on since 2016.

MFF product Anel Ahmedhodzic had to act as stand-in captain for Sheffield United in the 2-0 defeat to Liverpool on Wednesday. But it wasn't the result that became the talking point, but Ahmedhodzic's choice not to wear the rainbow-colored captain's armband.

The 24-year-old thus became the first Premier League captain in seven years to play without a rainbow-coloured armband during the campaign period. After the game, manager Chris Wilder said he had no idea why Ahmedhodzic wasn't wearing the armband, according to Outsports.

Ahmedhodzic's answer about the armband

The LGBTQ+ supporter group "The Rainbow Blades" also issued a statement to the same newspaper:

"We believe that football is for everyone and are of course disappointed that the Rainbow armband was not worn by the captain," they wrote.

When SVT Sport asked Ahmedhodzic why he didn't wear the armband, he replied "Guess" in a text message.

He was also captain today when Sheffield United won 1-0 against Brentford.