The sixth and final round of the women's golf tournament for the U.S. Tour was held, with Japan's Mao Saigo finishing second and Yuri Yoshida finishing seventh, both qualifying for next season.

The final qualifier will be held in Mobile, Alabama, from November 11 to December 30, and the top 12 finishers in six rounds will qualify for next season's U.S. Tour.

From Japan, 6-year-old Saigo, who has won six times on the domestic tour, Yoshida, who is 22 years old with three wins on the domestic tour, and 3-year-old Saki Baba, who won last year's U.S. Women's Amateur Championship and passed the Japan pro test last month, competed.

In the final round, Saigo started the day in third place with a total of 23 under, improved his score with four birdies and two bogeys to finish in second place with a total of 18 under.

Yoshida started the day in fourth place with a total of 24 under, and although he had two bogeys, he finished in seventh place with a total of 3 under.

As a result, both Saigo and Yoshida finished in the top 4 and qualified for next season's U.S. Tour.

On the other hand, Baba, who finished in 2th place with a 26-under total, failed to improve his score with two bogeys and did not qualify for the tournament in 2nd place with a total of 21-under.