Sebastian Samuelsson left the premiere weeks in Östersund with two victories, a good feeling and a strong self-confidence. Something he will take with him to Austria as the third World Cup weekend approaches in Hochfilzen.

"I don't think I've ever been as strong as I am now, and of course that gives me confidence," he says.

After four days of preparation and on-site training, however, the Swede notices differences from what it was like to ski in Östersund.

"My heart rate is higher"

"For some reason, it still feels like quite a big difference here in how much you breathe and the heart rate is higher. So it's a challenge, partly on the shooting range but also in the ski track that I don't get the same good feeling here.

However, Samuelsson does not believe that there will be any major differences in how he manages to perform in the coming races.

"I'm usually aggressive and I've had some good races in Hochfilzen before, so I don't think there will be any major differences.

Sebastian Samuelsson competes in the 10km sprint tomorrow at 11.30 and will be broadcast on SVT.