The Grand Prix Final of figure skating kicked off in Beijing, China, and in the short program in the first half of the men's singles, Masama Uno, who is aiming to win back-to-back titles, started in second place. In addition, first-time participant Yuma Kagiyama is also in third place.

The Grand Prix Final of figure skating was held in Beijing, China, on November 11 to compete in the top six Grand Prix Series competitions.

On the first day, the short program of the first half of the men's singles was held, and three players from Japan competed: Uno, who is aiming to win back-to-back titles, Yuma Kagiyama, a silver medalist at last year's Beijing Olympics who is competing in this event for the first time, and Yoshio Miura, who is 6 years old.

Uno landed a smooth quadruple flip at the beginning of the competition, and then landed the next quadruple and triple jumps without any danger.

In the second half of the race, Uno landed a triple Axel, as well as a spin and step, all of which were the highest ratings, and started in second place with a season-best score of 7.18.

On the other hand, Kagiyama, who won the NHK Cup in November and came into the race in good form, scored a high finish by landing a tall and wide quadruple Salchow at the beginning.

After this, he did not make any major mistakes, and he showed the high expressiveness he had honed, and finished in third place with a score of 11.4.

Elia Malinin of the United States topped the short program with a world-record score of 103.72 in the short program, landing a series of difficult jumps, including the world's first quadruple Axel.

Miura made a mistake in her jump and finished fourth with a score of 3.2.

The second half of the free will take place on the 4th.