Chongli, December 12 (Liu Xingchen) On the 7th, the 7-2023 FIS Halfpipe World Cup Genting Station continued at the Chongli Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou. In the women's freestyle skiing halfpipe qualifying round, Beijing Winter Olympics champion Gu Ailing scored 24.94 points, ranked first and advanced to the final.

The picture shows a screenshot of the qualifying results.

The qualifiers will be ranked based on the better of the two rounds, and the top 8 players will advance to the finals.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the freestyle skiing halfpipe at this venue, and this time she returned to Fudi to compete.

In today's qualifying round, Gu Ailing showed excellent competitive form. In the first move, she jumped 85.50 points, and one foot has stepped into the finals. In the second round, Gu Ailing hit more difficult moves and was recognized by the judges, scoring 94.75 points.

The score of 94.75 was the highest score of any player in the qualifying round of the event that day. With this score, Gu Ailing successfully advanced to the finals.

Data map: Gu Ailing celebrates victory. Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

"That's a secret, see you in the final!" After the game, when asked about her expectations for the final, Gu Ailing said cutely.

In this game, Gu Ailing played with an injury. While training in Austria at the end of last month, she accidentally broke her shoulder. The doctor had advised Gu Ailing to undergo surgery, but in order to participate in the World Cup, Gu Ailing decided to postpone the operation. Today is also Gu Ailing's debut in the domestic arena after the Beijing Winter Olympics.

When adapting to training before, Gu Ailing admitted that the injury would still be painful, and she felt it every time she jumped. "I haven't had such a serious injury yet, so it's a new challenge for me."

In an interview after the qualifying round, Gu revealed that her mother had told her not to do too many things in training, but Gu Ailing did not choose to listen to her mother. "Some people are born to play and love to play, and I think I'm that kind of person. It's impossible not to compete, so I have to do my best. She explains.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments

At the scene of the game, many spectators held cheers in the end area to cheer for Gu Ailing. In this regard, Gu Ailing wrote: "The support and screams of my friends have helped me overcome my pain. ”

Along the way, Gu Ailing has won the love of a group of fans with her excellent grades and cheerful personality. While thanking the audience, she exclaimed, "They are very supportive, and it has had a big impact on me. ”

In this qualifying round, Chinese players Li Fanghui and Zhang Kexin also successfully advanced. According to the schedule, the final will be played on December 12. (ENDS)