, Beijing, December 12 (Liu Xingchen) "Compared with the uncles and aunts in the gym, I am nothing. ”

Have you ever heard this phrase?

A few days ago, many netizens posted a video of the uncle and aunt easily "lifting iron" in the gym, which resonated with the society. Someone commented: "In contrast, I live an old life. ”

However, behind this, there are many gyms around the country that "keep the elderly" out. Is this a legal act?

Data map: An uncle in Chengdu is exercising in the gym. Photo by Yang Yudi

Seniors move towards the gym

According to media reports, during this year's Chung Yeung Festival, a taxi platform released a data report on helping the elderly take a taxi. Libraries, gyms, concerts and other destinations frequented by the elderly are reported. The move of the elderly to the gym is no longer a novelty in many cities across the country.

72-year-old Uncle Yao from Liuzhou has been working out for 8 years, and he has gained a strong muscle in the gym. "After all these years of fitness, I basically didn't get sick. It feels the same as when it was younger, and it is even more powerful than before. ”

Ye Zi (not her real name) has a swimming pool at the gym in her community, and she said that many elderly people choose to come to exercise on weekday mornings. "In addition to practicing with equipment, there are also many elderly people who choose to swim."

In response to the phenomenon that more and more elderly people are entering the gym, Bao Ke, associate professor of the Heavy Competition Teaching and Research Department of Beijing Sport University, said that the equipment in the gym is professional and diverse, and it is equipped with a professional coach team, which can provide more choices for the elderly to exercise and meet their individual needs. Not only that, but in the gym, seniors also have more opportunities to socialize.

In addition, Bowker mentioned that in recent years, the elderly have paid more attention to their own health than before, and have invested more in this field. He believes that with the improvement of social level and ideological cognition, it is expected that the elderly will become the norm to go to the gym to exercise.

I was scared by my uncle and aunt

On social platforms, the comment section of the exercise video of the elderly gym is full of young people who are "looking forward to wearing".

As an office worker, Wang Chenghao (pseudonym), who often sits in the office for a long time, had abnormal physical indicators during a physical examination at the beginning of last year, "which made me realize that the problem is a bit serious, and I need to strengthen my exercise." ”

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments

Today, he is used to "soaking" in the gym in his free time. It was during this time that Wang Chenghao observed that there were many elderly people in the gym. "Our gym is located near a residential building, and you can always see the uncles and aunts who come in groups, about a dozen people."

Wang Chenghao lamented that many elderly people have outstanding physical fitness, "There is an aunt who started exercising after retirement, and now she easily lifts a barbell weighing almost 40 kilograms, which scares me." ”

This is also the resonance of many netizens. When fitness enthusiasts are repeatedly frustrated in challenging the barbell, the aunts and uncles can easily "grasp" it.

"I have gym clothes, but Uncle has the muscle lines I dreamed of."

"Seeing my aunt pick up the barbell, I quietly left."

Data map: fitness for the elderly. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Peiyun

"At present, fitness has become a rigid need in the lives of the elderly. It's normal for them to experience positive changes in their body shape after a long period of exercise. Bowker said. When young people complain that they don't have time to go to the gym, Bowk admits that in the perception of many young people, fitness is not a top priority at the moment, "their body shape may not be out of shape, and they have not been recommended by doctors to exercise because of physical abnormalities." ”

"Over 65 years old, we don't accept anymore"

Previously, some media reported that some gyms have set a "limit threshold" for the elderly, and the elderly over 60 years old have been rejected.

The reporter called a number of gyms in Beijing to inquire about the situation, and most of them welcomed the elderly to go to fitness. Staff said that if there is a need, professional fitness trainers can be provided for one-on-one coaching for the elderly. "For this kind of group, the gym will have corresponding preferential activities, and the number of elderly people who come to experience and sign up is much more than before."

In addition, some staff of well-known chain gyms said that considering the large weight of the equipment in the gym, elderly customers over 65 years old are generally not accepted, and even private lessons are not allowed.

Some staff members said that the gym does not accept seniors.

The staff of another fitness institution mentioned that considering the physical condition of the elderly, there is a greater risk of injury when training alone, and it is recommended to hire a coach to practice, "The coach will take the elderly to do a physical test first, and formulate a training plan based on the physical measurement data, so as to avoid injury while exercising effectively." ”

In response to this situation, Ding Yue, a lawyer and paralegal Rui Huanyue of Shanghai Jiuze Law Firm, said that under the principle of voluntariness under the civil law, the setting of age limits belongs to the scope of the right of independent operation of enterprises, and businesses have the right to choose service objects, and there is no obligation to force the contract. Therefore, the act is not illegal.

In the face of the objective fact that the elderly are relatively more likely to have accidents when they engage in fitness and sports activities, it is reasonable for enterprises, as for-profit entities, to take the initiative to prevent business risks. Although the elderly often need additional special reminders or protection from the business premises when carrying out fitness projects, operators and managers do not need to be too nervous, the safety guarantee obligation does not represent an unlimited protection obligation, whether it constitutes infringement and bears the liability for compensation needs to be strictly defined in law and supported by corresponding evidence, as long as the responsible person fulfills the comprehensive safety and security obligation, he should not bear the tort liability. In addition, some gyms and stadiums are currently taking measures to allow the elderly to show physical examination reports and purchase insurance.

Data map: fitness for the elderly. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Peiyun

At present, with the rise of the "silver economy", if gyms, stadiums and other business venues can adapt to the market, actively introduce some fitness equipment suitable for the elderly or explore fitness activities suitable for the elderly, it may also usher in a new round of development opportunities.

In order to better meet the needs of the elderly for sports, in recent years, many places in China have started to explore health care for the elderly, and fitness venues that meet the physical characteristics of the elderly are springing up.

In 2021, the first batch of "Sports and Health Homes for the Elderly" was unveiled in Kangjian Street, Xuhui District, Shanghai. By the end of 2022, Shanghai had built a total of 94 "Sports and Health Homes for the Elderly". Different from traditional fitness venues, the "Sports and Health Home for the Elderly" is equipped with age-appropriate health promotion equipment, such as professional treadmills for the elderly, whole-body coordination training machines, etc., which are favored by the elderly.

Quanzhou, Fujian Province is also actively building "smart health huts" to provide health services for the elderly at the "doorstep"; There is an 800-square-meter smart sports and health center in Jinyuan Community, Dongliu Street, Ningbo, where the elderly, middle-aged and young people and the disabled are fully covered... (ENDS)