Briton Scott Brash held the previous record as world number one with 16 consecutive months since the ranking was introduced in 2010. von Eckermann's streak is for 17 months and it can be extended.

"I've been able to match the horses in a good way, not just King Edward who is the leading horse, and the other horses have done unbelievable results at a high level," von Eckermann said of the reason for his high position.

Von Eckermann is preparing for the Top Ten final in Geneva this weekend, where the world's top ten combinations will meet.

Will try to defend the title in the Top Ten

"It's one of my absolute favorites of the year, just because they broke into the top ten with good results every month. I've always dreamed of being part of it and had the incredible opportunity to win last year," said von Eckermann, who for this edition has saved the top horse King Edward to defend the title.

"I hope I've saved the perfect result for this week and I haven't used Edward in the World Cup yet," says von Eckermann.

It's a pleasant feeling as world number one for such a long time and von Eckermann tries to stop and grasp the feeling.

"I'm trying to take advantage of this time because I know it won't last forever and that things can go quickly in the other direction. It's an incredible feeling for me to be part of at least once in a lifetime," von Eckermann says.