Watch Zecira Musovics talk about her World Cup success in the player above.

Zecira Musovic got the chance as the first goalkeeper in this summer's World Cup and was widely praised, especially after the round of 16 against the United States.

Now the goalkeeper talks about how she looks back on the championship and what consequences it has had for her.

"It was a championship that meant a lot to me, but something that also weighs heavily is that I talk a lot about dreams and it feels like I've been involved and contributed to more people daring to dream," she says.

She says that she has received many messages about children who have been inspired.

"I don't know how many messages I've received saying 'I've never thought about becoming a goalkeeper, but now I want to be a goalkeeper'. These are things I could only dream of," Musovic said.

The 27-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper says the response from the Swedish people was greater than ever before.

"We have been fighting for this success for a long time, both on and off the pitch. It is perhaps the first championship where you feel that we got the Swedish people with us. We performed on the pitch and that resonated in Sweden.