In professional baseball, Japan Ham, Nakamasa Manha, who hit 25 home runs this season and came close to the top by one, signed a contract for next season for 1 million yen, which is estimated to be four times his annual salary for this season, and vowed to "work towards 4 home runs."

The 5-year-old, who is in his fifth year as a pro, has played in 23 games this season, batting 141.2 with 6 RBIs and hitting 5 home runs, one shy of the lead.

In addition, he often played well defensively, taking advantage of his strong shoulders, and won the Golden Glove Award for the first time and was named to the Pacific League's best nine, making it a breakthrough year.

On the 74th, Manha went to Escon Field Hokkaido to renew his contract, and both were estimated to have signed a contract for the next season for 1 million yen, which is four times his annual salary from this season.

At the press conference, Manha said, "I feel that I have gained strength on my own, and I want to accumulate more results every year, and this year I was able to take that first step."

After that, Manha said, "I want to further improve my slugging ability and eye for ball selection, which I have grown so far, and I want to do my best to win the individual title this time, and I want to work towards 25 home runs."