Midfielder Linn Blohm was injured in the World Cup dress rehearsal against Germany, but was quickly back and played the opening match that ended with a win against China.

When Sweden took on Senegal, however, she sat in the stands, to rest up a little extra.

Blohm on the stands: "Terrible"

Now the important cog is back in the team – and believes that she was actually ready to play against Senegal as well.

"It was horrible to sit in the stands. You always want to play. But I also understand the decision. The World Cup is a long tournament and then it can be good to rest me and other key players, she says.

Important in defence

SVT's handball expert Mikaela Mässing believes that it is important to get Blohm back in the defensive game to create a sense of security.

"Of course she was missing yesterday in the Swedish team," she says.

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