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Joao Felix continues to accumulate merits to leave Atletico for good next summer. Both leaving flashes of quality in the ranks of Barcelona and starring in multiple fights with the red and white players, in a clash with many yellows. After dropping off this week with some statements about the style that those who were his teammates in the dressing room last year must not have sat too well, given what we have seen, he celebrated the 1-0 without leaving absolutely anything inside. "It was a spontaneous reaction to the heat of the game," he explained after the match.

With a gesture customary for Real Madrid's Bellingham and previously signed by Leo Messi himself in his time at Barça, he climbed one of the fences located next to Oblak's goal, located in the first 45 minutes in the area closest to the Colchoneros fans and gave free rein to his joy. He gave them an ironic kiss when they sang "Joao, stay", as the television cameras caught him.

Atletico's players, meanwhile, were far less sympathetic to the Portuguese. Throughout the first 45 minutes, Joao Félix had several clashes with his teammates until the very start of the current campaign. "I have nothing against them. I get on very well with almost all of them and I hope they do very well except against us," said the Portuguese striker.

Knee scare

He even complained about a stomp by Hermoso inside the red-and-white area which, despite the fact that it caused Sánchez Martínez to momentarily stop the game to inquire about his condition, was not considered a punishable action by either the referee or the VAR. Things didn't improve at all after the break, with a strong tackle from Azpilicueta causing the blood to run cold in Barça's veins for a moment. For a moment, it looked like his knee was going to play tricks on him. Everything, however, was just a scare.

With the goal against Atletico, Joao Felix broke a drought in La Liga that had lasted since September 16. Then, in his first game as a starter under Xavi, he was in charge of opening the way to a more than convincing thrashing against Betis (5-0). Joao Félix was also named MVP of the match and ended up seeing his name cheered on Montjuic. "I'm happy that the fans are chanting my name," he said.

Simeone's silence

For his part, Diego Simeone again dodged questions about the Portuguese and declined to talk about a player who was not on his team. Likewise, Marcos Llorente said that he was neither bothered nor noticed the effusive celebration of the Portuguese after the goal.

On the Blaugrana side, Ronald Araujo stopped by the flash interview and expressed that he saw Joao "calm". "I wanted to show, score goals, provide assists. The important thing is that he's happy," she said. The Blaugrana coach was also very happy with his performance, revealing that he asked him for "calmness" because "extra motivation accelerates".

"I haven't seen the celebration but the goal is from someone who makes a difference for the team and has emptied himself on the pitch," Xavi praised him. The coach has not been able to confirm the Blaugrana's intentions regarding the continuity of the Portuguese next year, who would like to remain in the Blaugrana.

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