With three out of four teams through to the main round, it was all to win for both Angola and Iceland who stood on zero points. Angola progressed on a better goal difference, which does not seem to have been clear when the final whistle went.

According to Norwegian TV3, it was only the Angolan coach who cheered after Angola finished a free throw in the Icelandic wall.

"They must know that a draw is enough, right? said one of the commentators when the free throw was about to be made and the time stood at 60.00.

"No, it's not certain, it doesn't seem like it," replied the other commentator.

President of Iceland in the gallery

Iceland's equalizer to 26-26 by Sandra Erlingsdottir came only after 59.50 and the time was too short to create tension.

"First of all, it's very disappointing. We were one goal away from qualifying for the main round. At the same time, I'm very happy that I got to play today. It was my first match at a World Cup, which is fun, but the stronger feeling is disappointment, says Elisa Eliasdottir to mbl.is after the match.

The team had the support of the country's president, the former handball player Guoni Johanneson, in the stands.

Angola became the first team to reach the main round when the tournament was played in a 32-team format without winning a single match.