Listen to the Swedish tribute to Camara in the player above.

Camara accounted for ten goals in Senegal's opening game against Croatia, a game that surprisingly ended in a draw, 22-22.

On Sunday, they face Sweden, who have recorded the unique Camara's start to the World Cup.

"I don't know much about Senegal, but I've heard they have a double-handed player who scored ten goals yesterday. We should probably take a closer look at her, says Jamina Roberts to SVT Sport.

Roberts brings up the difficulty of defending against such a player.

"Some people may have a favourite direction to go, then you can push them depending on which hand they have. But if she runs both hands, she's dangerous in all directions.

"It's my superpower"

Camara himself, who plays for Egyptian side Al Ahly, hopes to continue with his good start against Sweden.

"Hopefully we can play a good game, we don't talk about winning or losing. We'll see on Sunday.

You haven't always played with a headscarf. Can you tell us about that?

"It's my religion. I play with it in my club team in Egypt. It's not a problem, you saw the hru I played? It's my superpower.

The match between Sweden and Senegal starts at 18:00, follow the match here.