Nawrath, who won the sprint yesterday, was in the lead all the way until the last shooting. Samuelsson fell a little behind after two bogeys in the first two prone shootings, but made up for it.

In the third shooting, Samuelsson shot full and went out in second behind Nawrath, who missed a shot in the third. Thus, the gap between the two was only 17 seconds.

Samuelsson continued to gain time on the German, so before the fourth shooting, there were only a few seconds separating him. The two of them shot evenly with one bar each, and the competitors closest behind also missed so Samuelsson went out in the lead on the final lap.

There was never any question about it, Samuelsson extended the distance with every pole stroke and won in Östersund, five seconds ahead of Nawrath. Samuelsson's first individual podium of the World Cup season.

"It's unbelievable. He's the strongest, he's the best, says SVT's expert Björn Ferry.