Ahead of the international judo competition for people with visual impairments to be held in Tokyo from the 4th, the athletes made adjustments, and Tokyo Paralympic bronze medalist Yujiro Seto expressed his enthusiasm for the title, saying, "I want to make the most of my home advantage and aim to win the championship."

The Grand Prix Tournament, an international judo competition for people with visual impairments, is the second ranked tournament after the Paralympics and World Championships, and will be held for the first time in Japan at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium for two days from the 4th.

It will also be a tournament where you can earn world ranking points related to the qualification of next year's Paris Paralympics, and about 2 people from 40 countries and regions are scheduled to participate.

On the 200rd, the athletes held a training session at the Kodokan in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, where Tokyo Paralympic bronze medalist Seto in the men's 3 kg class and low vision class, and Rio bronze medalist Junko Hirose in the women's 73 kg class and low vision class, who is aiming to compete in the Games for the third consecutive time, checked their shoulder throws and foot techniques.

At the press conference after the practice, Seto expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I want to take advantage of the home advantage of the tournament in my home country to win the championship.

Hirose said, "This is a chance for people who don't usually watch the tournament in Japan to see it, so I want to do my best to show a good match."