Moa Ilar says that she has gotten used to the cold, which she also showed with her third place.

"The worst thing is my eyes, they get very, very cold and I got a little dizzy towards the end. When you cross the finish line, it's at its worst," says Moa Ilar.

Hear her full answer in the player above.

Moa Lundgren also experienced problems with the cold.

"It's really cold. Difficulty breathing. It's almost like a roadblock. The body doesn't want that cold. It's a bit tricky, she says to SVT Sport.

"My eyes had a hard time catching up"

Ebba Andersson, who finished second:

"Once you crossed the finish line, it was like you were cold inside and out. My eyes had a hard time catching up with the cold.

But for today's winners, the cold was not a major problem.

"I can feel both hands, so that's good anyway," says Jessie Diggins.